Tullia Ferraro as Journey

Journey series 3 will continue with filming scheduled for this summer.


                     A family-friendly sci-fi series.

International actress Tullia Ferraro originally from Italy and now residing in     Los Angeles, takes over as the leading actress playing Journey for series 3.


Journeys series 3 is scheduled to return with Tullia Ferraro starring.  This series will focus on the villainous character of Joureign.  A sister clone to Journey but evil in all her ways.


This is the first time in any of the Journey series that Joureign is the starring character.  Journey series promises to be a fan pleaser for the wide range of emotions that Joureign will invoke, everything from her beginnings to the current day.  A lot will be explained.  So be sure to check back often for release updates.


In the meantime, you are welcome to check out all the past episodes of the Journeys now showing on Vimeo.