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Email Marketing

Develop and customize direct email marketing campaigns that bring in new business.

Social Media

Designing a social media campaign that gets desired results from specific demographics.


Creating memorable copy in key media that will attract more business.

Website Design & Development

Re-imagining your 24-hour online presence with your unique branding power.

Optimizing Customer Service

Implementing the most effective customer service program that tailor fits your company.

Video Creation

Over 35 years of video production experience is what comes with Copeland & Associates.


The things we do best

Your happy clients Treasured Moments.

#1 In Customer Service

We take customer service very seriously in all of our business dealings.  Treasured Moments brings the knowledge of how to win the J.D. Power award in customer satisfaction to all our clients.


What makes Treasured Moments different from all the other agencies?  We are not a cookie cutter operation.  We re-imagine your business to create new uncontested markets for expansion and client focus.

Individual Company Focus

Experience Matters

You get over 35 years of creative media experience with Treasured Moments.  We have knowledge in all areas from development through distribution on media platforms.


We are the best in the business

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'Best In Class' Advertising/Consulting/Marketing

Premium Re-Imagineering

A complete, comprehensive, and thorough advertising/marking plan for a company wanting to make the competition irrelevant.

Basic Re-Imagineering

From a real change to how you conduct business and how people view your business.

Value Re-Imagineering

If you are looking to make some minor adjustments to your business.

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