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In the world today there are people who are willing to help others.  Angelica has decided to become the example and be the one to reach out to other women who might be in a bad relationship of physical or mental abuse, and be in need of help.

I, Angel is her solution.

Marie Solminena stars in

Angelica  Mercer | Contemporary Boudoir Photographer

"It's all about the empowerment of the woman."

Marie Solimena stars in the leading role as Angelica Mercer, owner of a new boudoir photography studio, empowering women through photos by showing them that they are truly beautiful, no matter of their life's circumstances.

Coming from a very abusive relationship herself, Angelica discovered the power of photography has with women like herself to overcome the mental scars of past relationships.

"My photography is empowering to me and others like me.  It helps build up what other men tear down, our self-esteem, the way we see ourselves and who knows what else."

This is what drives Angelica to seek out others who have been or are in these destructive relationships.  

A new super hero for a new generation

Introducing I, Angel

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