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Tackling Family and Political Issues

A fictional small coastal community called Pacific Breeze is the setting for a new dramatic made for television series produced by the Treasured Moments Channel and distributed by Cineplex Studios in Los Angeles.

Nicole Samra leads the cast as Rachel Anderson a fired FBI agent who returns back home after being gone for a number of years, only to find that nothing has changed with her dysfunctional family.  

 Audiences will be able to follow on social media as well, using Facebook and Instagram.  When the series launches near the end of February, 2021 weekly posts made by the actors in the series as their characters will interact with fans of the show.  It will be like talking directly with the characters in the series.

The first season will have an hour-long pilot plus five episodes that will be roughly twenty minutes in length.  The series is set to debut on February 25th,2021 via a virtual online premiere.  

The producers and cast hope that this new series will capture the hearts and minds of the viewing public who enjoy traditional family friendly television with a touch of family drama mixed in the the educational element of politics.

Each episode will end with the Rachel character entering into her journal, a positive reflection of the episodes main storyline as a way to re-enforce the message of the show.

This series tackles big political issues that drives the storyline. While this series does not take sides of any political debate it does offer an education to both sides of the political argument.  Pacific Breeze aims to demonstrate how family and people can agree to disagree on certain political topics knowing that everyone has the best interest in the issues at heart.

Pacific Breeze is a family friendly series told in a Hallmark Channel fashion with the Anderson family being at the center of the series.  Season one offers a continuing storyline with plenty of dramatic twist and turns that will keep the audience guessing and coming back to see what happens next.  


Even though political issues will drive the series, family issues will be at the heart of each and every episode.  Starting with Rachel Anderson and her estranged sister Lydia Anderson.   A step-mother who barely knows Rachel.  A step-sister who has her own political agenda, and a father who feels as though he can't connect with his grown kids.

The producers of Pacific Breeze hope to strike a cord with audiences who can identify with these everyday family interactions and see how they can be resolved through loving actions and communication.

Season One

Screen shots from Pacific Breeze    season one